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120 lb. Mini Striker Forward Limb Hunting Kit (1X30 Red Dot Sight, Quiver,5 Practice Bolts, 5 Hunting Bolts)


The Mini Striker hunting kit has everything you need to hit the ground running! It comes with optics, a quiver, hunting bolts, and practice bolts.



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Mini Striker pistol crossbow hunting in tree

Small and Lethal

-The Mini Striker is the fastest and most powerful forward limb pistol crossbow in the market by far.

-It reaches up to 330 FPS using regular pistol crossbow bolts, something unheard of in a pistol crossbow until now.

– It has the maneuverability of a pistol crossbow, measuring only 5″ from axel to axel when cocked.

-Its integrated crank has 3 x mechanical advantage for an easy 40lbs pull.

Mini Striker pistol crossbow with carrying bag and hunting bolts


  • Draw weight: 120 lbs
  • Speed: 220 fps to 330 fps
  • Kinetic energy: 25.25 ft lbs
  • Power stroke: 7″
  • Crank system draw weight: 40 lbs (3x mechanical gain)
  • Cocked axle to axle width: 5″
  • Resting axle to axle width: 8.75″
  • Length: 15″
Mini Striker pistol crossbow with press

Easy-to- Replace Strings 

The string can be replaced with a regular bow press or the Mini Striker bow press, which can be purchased in our store.

Most maintenance, including replacing limbs, can be done using the tools included in the box.

Hot girl aiming with mini Striker pistol crossbow

Built-in Crank

Its easy-to-use crank, which is integrated into the body of the Mini Striker, allows you to load the crossbow in less than 1 second.

Man carrying mini Striker pistol crossbow in backpack


Weighing only 2.46 lbs, it easily attaches to a backpack or a belt, or can be carried inside a standard backpack.

Mini Striker with broadheads

Hunting bolts fit broadheads

Girl aiming with mini Striker crossbow

For all ages and abilities 

Mini Striker deer kill

Great for hunting season

Mini Striker fishing crossbow

Great for fishing

Switch to fishing crossbow just by attaching a bow reel seat and a reel to the front hook.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 4 in



Draw weight: 120 lbs
Speed: 270-330 fps
Power stroke: 7″
Crank system draw weight: 40 lbs
Cocked axle to axle length : 5″
Resting axle to axle length : 7.9″

Length: 15″

What is in the package:

  • Mini Striker pistol crossbow
  • 12 bolt quiver
  • 5 practice bolts
  • 5 hunting bolts
  • Red/green dot sight




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