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120lbs Mini Striker Repeating Crossbow for Home Defense


When it comes to home defense, there’s no better option than the Mini Striker repeating crossbow. Not only does it feature a six-bolt magazine and a bayonet for added protection, but it also has a vertically adjustable handle and red dot sight, ensuring you hit your target every time. And with the ability to unload the magazine in under 25 seconds, thanks to its built-in crank mechanism, you’ll never be caught off guard.

But what sets the Mini Striker apart from the rest is its unprecedented power and agility. Its narrow limb system allows for a power stroke that helps it shoot at an incredible 240 fps (hunting bolts with broadheads) – a feat that’s nearly impossible for other pistol crossbows. And at just 2.46lbs and 5 inches wide when cocked, the Mini Striker is ultra-maneuverable, making it an excellent choice for any situation. So, whether you’re unable to have a firearm, or you’re in an area where it is difficult to get one, or you simply want something quieter for home defense, the Mini Striker is the only choice.

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Perfect for Home Defense

Not only does the Mini Striker Home Defense look intimidating, but it also stealthy and completely silent, and carries enough power to eliminate a threat in close quarters.

The red dot sight gives the necessary optics and the bayonet is an excellent last resource.


The repeater system is designed for arrows to touch the string, taking full advantage of the power of the Mini Striker and avoiding damage to the string.  This, in combination with the revolutionary built-in crank allows you to deploy the magazine in under 25 seconds.

Mini Striker Pistol crossbow Home Defense

Broadhead Capability

Not many repeaters will allow you to use broadheads.  The Mini Striker Home Defense will allow you to use Mini Striker broadheads and also some commercial single blade broadheads.

Mini Striker Pistol crossbow Home Defense

The Home Defense  kit makes the Mini Striker the perfect tool for protection  when fire arms are not an option, or as a silent alternative.

The small size allows for maneuverability in small spaces, the built-in crank and magazine allow you to reload bolts quickly,  and the red dot sight makes it accurate and lethal.

If all that fails, you have the bayonet to take care of business.

Included in the package:


-120lb Mini Striker pistol crossbow

-6 bolt magazine

-Red/green  dot sight

-6 inch lower rail upgrade

-Removable vertical handle


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120lb Mini Striker repeating pistol crossbow HOME DEFENSE.

Material: Aluminum
Capacity: 6 bolts
Projectile: Mini Striker practice arrows / Mini Striker hunting arrows with Mini Striker broadheads
Attached weapon: Bayonet

What is in the package:
Mini STRIKER Crossbow outfitted with magazine

Red dot sight with laser

Lower rail upgrade

Adjustable vertical handle


3 practice arrows



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