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Customer Favorites

  • 150lbs Mini Striker Reverse Draw Pistol Crossbow with 6 Bolt Magazine

    $509.99 Add To Cart
  • Mini Striker RD fishing pistol crossbow

    150lbs Mini Striker RD Fishing Kit with Red Dot Sight

    $515.99 Add To Cart
  • 150lbs Mini Striker Reverse draw pistol crossbow

    150lbs Mini Striker Reverse Draw Pistol Crossbow

    $429.95 Add To Cart
  • Mini Striker repeating crossbow with 6 hunting bolt magazine

    120lbs Mini Striker Repeating Crossbow with 6 Bolt Magazine

    $365.99 Add To Cart
  • Scout foldable survival crossbow

    Scout Super Compact Crossbow Foldable Limbs and Adjustable Stock Hunting Kit

    $299.99 Add To Cart
  • Mantis Multifunctional Cannonball Fishing Pistol Crossbow with Magazine

    $89.99 Add To Cart

What The Experts Say

As someone who appreciates quality weapons, I can confidently say that William Tell has crafted a winner with the Mini Striker crossbows. Their combination of accuracy, power, and versatility make them stand out among other crossbows on the market. Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, or looking for a reliable home defense tool, these crossbows will exceed your expectations. William Tell has undoubtedly delivered a product that embodies precision, power, and portability.”

Don Mann

Don Mann

- Host Surviving Mann - Navy SEAL Team 6 (ret)

We get dozens of products sent to us every month. Over 90% of them never make it on our website or any of our socials because we’re very picky about promoting vendors. William Tell Archery Supplies not only have very high quality crossbows, their customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for the best mini crossbows on the market.

Chris Heaven

Chris Heaven

- CEO Survival Dispatch -

I’ve worked with the folks at William Tell Archery for more than a year now. I’ve shot everything from fish to deer with their Striker Bow series.  Not once have they told me to change a thing in any of my videos just to help their products sell.  Instead, it’s been quite the opposite. They’re very inquisitive, asking what works and what doesn’t.  Simply trying to get the best products possible into ya’lls hands. When I buy things, it’s not about fancy packaging or bells and whistles. It’s more about honesty and reliability…two things that can always be found with the folks at William Tell Archery Supplies!”

Josh Water Swatters

Josh Water Swatters

- WaterSwatters Hunting and Outdoors Influencer -
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