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Customer Gallery

Here are some pictures and videos sent by our customers and friends. Please send us your pics and videos. We would love to post them on our page.

Hogs hunted in Texas by Dozier and his father from a tree stand.
Here is his letter:

It only took one shot from roughly 15-20 yards, and the hog died in less than 30 seconds.

As for the magazine:

In the photo I sent, where I showed a modified Red Devil broadhead, I used that type because “bleeder blades” on the sides are very important for Hog hunting; and just from personal experience using those broadheads with a regular compound bow, I know they work.

The Mini Striker was actually the first crossbow I’ve ever used, 10/10. 

Our friends from Water Swatters doing some damage with the mini Striker crossbow (forward and RD versions)

Our friend Victor from Arizona doing target practice from 35 yards with only a red dot sight and popping balloons from 50 yards.

Victor uses a bipod installed on the front hook using a bolt, a couple sleeves, and a nut.

From Virginia , a deer hunted from 32 yards, dropped on the spot!

Don sent us this picture of this beauty hunted by his grandson. Check out his crossbow set up.

Fish caught with the Mantis pistol crossbow.


Mini Striker with fishing set up, including flashlight and a GoPro.

120 lb mini striker pistol crossbow with tripod

Mr. Durr sent us a pic of his modified tripod to hold the 120 lb Mini Striker FL.

Shawn sent us some pictures of his set up. His set up includes:

  • Pinty 4-in-1 Rifle Scope Combo with 3-9×32 Rangefinder Scope, Red & Green Dot Sight, Green Laser, 14 Slots Riser CVLIFE 2 Point Sling Adjustable Length
  • Bontok Picatinny Rail Set, 3-Slot
  • Garberiel 2 in 1 L2 LED Flashlight with Picatinny Rail Mount
  • Neotter Tiltable Foldable Quick Release Bipod, 7-9 Inches

Shawn went ahead and got the buttstock upgrade.

Christopher from Canada sent us his mini Striker Zombie kit upgraded with our 12 bolt quiver!

  • Mini Striker forward limb
  • Red dot/laser sight
  • 6 bolt magazine
  • Bayonet
  • Quiver
  • And a mean dude!

Artur from Austria send us a picture of his mini Striker RD with scope, laser, quiver and "L" shaped buttstock.

Billy showing us what an RD can do!

Jason from Massachusetts sent us a picture of a morning hunt.

Made it happen this morning at 17yds! Decoys in one of my farm fields and 45mins or so of calling them from a neighboring farm. The broadhead made a full pass through but the shaft stayed in the bird and it walked about 7yds stumbling before collapsing. “

Our friend David from Israel upgraded the mini Striker RD with magazine by shaving 1mm on each side of the front guard, allowing it to use hunting bolts.

He uses it for protection during this troubling times his country is going through.





Wow, John just caught a garfish with our awesome 80lbs fishing pistol crossbow and steel bolts! great job!

Gar fish caught with William Tell 80lbs pistol crossbow and steel bolt.