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80 lbs Mongoose Crossbow with Upper and Lower Picatinny Rails (22mm)


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Safe, precise, and compact, the all-new Mongoose is a self-cocking pistol crossbow. With a draw weight of 80 lbs the Mongoose is fun to shoot with outstanding performance.
The Mongoose features and upper and lower picatinny rails (22 mm) , a cocking bar and safety system.
Also is the only crossbow at this price range with steel limbs which last way longer than fiberglass.
•Ultra light construction, it only weights 1 lb 8 oz (without attachments)
•Very durable steel limb
•80lb Draw Weight
•Width: 12″​
•Width: 14″​ (very compact for a 80 lbs crossbow)
•6″ Power Stroke                                                                                                                       
•175 ft/sec
• Upper and lower 22 mm piccatinny rails.
• High quality string, more durable than regular 80 lbs string..
What is in the package:
– 1x Crossbow
– 5 x 2 wing  bolts

                                PUSH IN SAFETY SYSTEM , 22 mm & PICCATINNY RAIL .




Safety tips

Please make sure you follow the steps below to cock the string:

  1. Put the SAFETY SWITCH in FIRE Position;
  2. Pull the string backward to the end, until you here a click sound or the string hit the very end wall;
  3. Now you should see the SAFETY SWITCH in SAFE Position automatically and the string has been cocked and locked. Before fire a shot, you will need to put the SAFETY SWITCH in FIRE Position, and then you can pull the trigger to fire. Never dry fire the crossbow, which means you will need to always fire with an arrow on it.


You must be over 18 years old to bid, buy and/or use crossbows and pistols. We are not responsible for any damages arose from the use of this item. Please consultant your local regulation before you purchase from us.

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