50 lbs TACTICAL Delta bow, Ambidextrous Vertical Crossbow CAMO


50 lbs TACTICAL Delta bow, Ambidextrous Vertical Crossbow CAMO

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Vertical crossbow

 50 lbs Delta , Ambidextrous compound Vertical Crossbow

This is the same Delta Bow but is outfitted with a tactical package (Tactical light and laser sight)



This concept bow is best described as a bow-crossbow, giving you the lightness and portability of a bow , and the ability of holding a draw that only a crossbow can give you. It features an innovative draw-holding device that allows you to aim without letting your arm get tired. Hit the release and your arrow will fly. In addition to this, the bow features a pistol-style ergonomic handle, which allows for a longer draw. The delta shape allows for more energy storage with a shorter bow, making it less bulky and easier to carry. It features a 5 pin sight, and has an extra deck for a flashlight.This is the smallest bow in the market, if you need to take advantage of it’s size you can just take out the holding draw mechanism.





******** Note: the draw holding device can be removed and it will work like a regular bow , you can detach the mechanical release from the stick and use it to shoot like a regular bow. Please check the third picture on my listing.*********************



  •  Fast 300 FPS (light arrows)
  •  Smallest hunting bow in the market 20″ axle to axle
  • Gun style ergonomic handle with rubber cushion
  • Let off 85%
  • Fast cams
  • Holing weight 9 lbs.
  •  Equipped with Link boy 550XB 5 pin sight.
  •  Sight description:

              -5 pin fiber optics LIGHT KIT INCLUDED !!

– Durable, bright fiber-wrapped pins

-Enlarged circular field of view

– Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring aligns peep sight

– Level with two vertical bars

-For both left AND right-hand shooters

– CNC machined




– Draw weight : 50 lbs
–   Fps:300
–   Weight: 3.2 lbs
–   Draw length : 29″

– Axle to axle 20″


What comes in the package:


– Draw holding device.
– Mechanical Release
– 5 pin sight

-Laser sight

-Tactical light


Safety tips

 Please make sure you follow the steps below to cock the string:


  1. Pull the string backward to the end, until you here a click sound or the string hit the very end wall;
  2. Now you should see the SAFETY SWITCH in SAFE Position automatically and the string has been cocked and locked. Before fire a shot, you will need to put the SAFETY SWITCH in FIRE Position, and then you can pull the trigger to fire. Never dry fire the crossbow, which means you will need to always fire with an arrow on it. 


You must be over 18 years old to bid, buy and/or use crossbows and pistols. We are not responsible for any damages arose from the use of this item. Please consultant your local regulation before you purchase from us.





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