170 lbs WT-GOLIATH Mulifunctional Cannonbolt Hunting  Crossbow with 3 x 32 scope


170 lbs WT-GOLIATH Mulifunctional Cannonbolt Hunting  Crossbow with 3 x 32 scope

This crossbow is very powerful for it’s size , with 175 lbs of draw is maybe one of the most powerful crossbows on the web. Sturdy build, the  stock  is made out of fiberglass, body is made out of aluminum and steel limbs. It has a 8 mm steel ball magazine with capacity for 50. It also has an auto-reload system when shooting steel balls; just shoot, cock, and shoot again. Terms and Conditions Shipping: Free inside continental USA International Shipping: Please contact us for a quote Return Policy: 30 days from delivery, item MUST be in the same condition as it was shipped. Exchanges: Customer pays a $30 exchange fee.


 We sell spare parts for all our products at a very reasonable price, unlike bigger brands who require you to send your item back to them so they can charge you for service,S&H and other charges.

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175 lbs Goliath mulifunctional hunting  crossbow with 3 x 32 scope

  The 175 lbs Goliath is the most powerful multifunctional crossbow in the market. It allows you to hunt big or small game with one tool. Sturdy build , the  stock  is made out of fiberglass  , body is made out of aluminum and fiberglass  limbs . It has a 8 mm ball bearing magazine with capacity for  75 equipped with  an auto-reload system  , just shoot, cock, and shoot again.


  • The most powerful dual crossbows on the market with 175 pounds of draw.
  • 3 X 32 scope.
  • Shoots arrows and 8mm balls.
  • 50 balls magazine.
  • auto coking system


Weight :  7.4 lbs 

Draw weight  175 lbs

Feeding: Manual/Magazine.

Effective range  : 373 ft

Overall size:30*16.38*11 inches

Limbs: Fiberglass  

What is in the package: 

2x three feather long  hunting arrow

1x Allen Wrench 

3×32 scope

20 x 8mm balls

10 small arrows

Carrying bag.




4 X 32 SCOPE



Safety tips  Please make sure you follow the steps below to cock the string:

  1. Put the SAFETY SWITCH in FIRE Position;
  2. Pull the string backward to the end, until you here a click sound or the string hit the very end wall;
  3. Now you should see the SAFETY SWITCH in SAFE Position automatically and the string has been cocked and locked. Before fire a shot, you will need to put the SAFETY SWITCH in FIRE Position, and then you can pull the trigger to fire. Never dry fire the crossbow, which means you will need to always fire with an arrow on it.

Disclaimer  You must be over 18 years old to bid, buy and/or use crossbows and pistols. We are not responsible for any damages arose from the use of this item. Please consultant your local regulation before you purchase from us.


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