Mini Strike Pistol Crossbow Special!

Mini Striker 150lb pistol crossbow

Powerful pistol crossbows with high fps and integrated 3x leverage crank. Suitable for hunting big and small game while offering great portability. Mini Strikers are the most powerful pistol crossbows in the market today.

120lb MINI STRIKER Pistol Crossbow with Forward Limbs


-Integrated crank with 3X mechanical advantage for an easy 40lbs pull.

-Draw weight: 120lbs

-Speed: 220fps to 330 fps

-Power Stroke: 7″

-Cocked axle to axle with: 5″, resting 8.75″

-Length: 15″





150lb MINI STRIKER Pistol Crossbow with Reverse Limbs

If a 120lb pistol is not impressive enough , the 150lb version gives you 40% more power allowing you to have an even more rewarding hunting experience.




150lb MINI STRIKER Specifications

Mini Striker crossbow pistol compared to laptop

The mini Striker pistol crossbow is as big as a laptop!

mini Striker pistol crossbows can be easily carried

The Mini Striker crossbows are highly customizable , click on the box below and see all the possibilities!


We carry a full gamma of attachments and accessories for the mini Striker crossbow line as well as bolts and replacement parts

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