This multifunctional medium length crossbow that can shoot 3 wing hunting arrows , bolts and  8 mm balls . It features a steel ball magazine with capacity of 30 ,  which feeds steel balls to the crossbow as the balls are being fired.
Sturdy build , the  stock is made out of nylon  , body is made out of aluminum and steel limbs .
It features a handle pretty useful when aiming.
It comes equipped with laser sight ,  and a 4 X 20 scope.

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150 lbs WT- THE STALKER Tactical Multifunctional compound crossbow (4 projectiles) with 4 x 20 scope , laser sight and tactical light.



Please check out this video (o THE STALKER crossbow) 






Multifunctional :

– 8mm steel balls

– Hunting arrows

– Bolts.

-Piccadilly rail.

-Vertical handle. 

-Laser sight .

– Tactical light

– 4 x 20 scope


Note: the laser sigt/tactical light combo comes with out batteries , it requires a pair of AAA.



Weight: 6 lbs
effective range: 311 foot
Magazine capacity: 30
Tension test: straight draw: 150 lb

Draw weight : 60 lbs

Fps: 290

Nylon stock , aluminum body , steel limbs..

Feeding mode : Manual/magazine

Overall size:71*57*20cm


What comes in the package:


4 x 20 Scope

Tactical light/laser sight combo

1 x 14 inch arrow

1 x 5 inch and a half bolt

3x  2 inch and a half arrows (3 wing bolts)

20 x 8mm steel balls

Allen wrench



It Shoots

2″1/2′, 2 wing bolts (yellow , listed under “20 Pcs 2″1/2′, bolts for 50 lbs to 120 lbs crossbows with 3 wings”)

5″1/2′ bolts (Red with long metal tip , listed under “20 Pcs 5″1/2′ bolts for 50 lbs to 150 lbs crossbows 2″1/2′ metal tip, 3 wings”)

8 mm steel balls (listed under “100pcs 8mm 5/6″ steel ball for crossbow and slingshoot”)

13 inch and a half , 8mm arrows (listed under 13″ 1/2′ arrows for crossbow”, currently I am out of those , but they are the regular 13″1/2 arrow that you find on the market”)


Cool looks , easy handling

Sturdy nylon stock

Magazine for 8 mm steel balls

Controlled ball drop mechanism


Movable handle and laser sight/tactical light attached to piccadilly rail.

Tactical Light

 Laser sight

4 x 20 scope


Safety tips

Please make sure you follow the steps below to cock the string:

  1. Pull the string backward to the end, until you here a click sound or the string hit the very end wall.
  2. Never aim the crossbow to yourself or any one else when the crossbow is loaded.


This product is covered with a 1 year warranty from the moment of purchase.

This warranty covers the stock, trigger mechanism and limb assembly.  Not covered are: strings, cables, arrows,; damage caused by abuse, dry firing, modification or failure to perform normal maintenance; or any other expense, consequential damages, coincidental damages, or incidental expenses including damage to property or person. There are no other warranties expressed or implied. 






You must be over 18 years old to bid, buy and/or use crossbows and pistols. We are not responsible for any damages arose from the use of this item. Please consultant your local regulation before you purchase from us.









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