1. Stephen Paul

    Why do you guys not have a manual for the piranha camouflage model? My pistol crossbow has some issues and I need to go through it because it had a 6 mm steel ball somehow get jammed up in the trigger mechanism and I don’t know how to take it apart and put it back together. I got the 6 mm ball out of there but it’s not safe cuz it’ll dry fire just randomly. I tried to contact you guys six-seven months ago about this and there was no help available basically. I prefer not to ship my crossbow back to you guys if I don’t have to I just want it to work again. And I pretty sure that the safety also has some issues too so now it’s pretty dangerous. nobody has any documentation on this thing or anything about how to fix it I mean you know hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. I’m self-employed and been on unemployment for almost a year because of the coronavirus so I’m not very rich at the moment let me know what I got to do to get this thing repaired.

  2. Henry P. VANDERREST

    I just got my mantis multifunctional pistol crossbow (60 pounds) and it look incredible.
    I did not got a manual to put it together.
    The direction I got was only “ how to shoot it”


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