William Tell Archery specializes in concept and survival crossbows & bows. We offer variety of pistol crossbows and full assortment of fishing bows , fishing crossbow and LARP.

Buyers outside the USA , please contact us for a shipping quote!!

We sell spare parts for all our products!!

  • Survival crossbows, tactical crossbows, concept crossbows


    1. Please purchase it from our online store.
      If you are out of the USA we will invoice you for shipping afterwards.
      Thank you,

  1. would like to check status of order # 3954 -Paul Roberts; set up account but my order is not shown..

    peace, pancho

    1. Hello,
      It is in the mail.
      You should have an email from USPS with the tracking number.
      Please let us know if you didn’t
      Thank you,

  2. Dear WT archery
    I am interested in your WT-Scout folding crossbow $289.99

    Could I ask what the draw-weight of the crossbow is as its listed as both 100lb and 150lb on your website?

    I am also interested in some accessories including storage bag, spare draw string and arrows but can’t seem to find these on your website, could you advise?

    Could I also ask what postage costs to England would be?

    Kind regards


    PS could you provide an email as I sent an email to contact@williamtellarcherysupplies.com
    but it bounced back sating the contact was undeliverable, listing unknown address error 550-‘5.4.1

    1. Hello,

      It is 100 lbs , the previous version was 150 lbs (I need to review that)
      It comes with a bag and 2 strings.
      Extra strings are 20 dollars.

      Shipping (quoted using London) would be US 93.39



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