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76 thoughts on “zContact Us OLD”

  1. Gerald Van Tassel

    I just purchased the st scout foldable crossbow and was wondering how I would go about making sure I have several replacement strings

      1. I need batteries for the wt-4 cross bow i just purchased from amazon can not find them hope that solves the problem of the laser not working can i purchase them from you?

  2. Where are your products made? Where do they ship from? How come I cant read “about us” on your website?

    Just curious and want to buy several crossbows immediately…

    1. We got our website redesigned 2 weeks ago, I think it got missed through the process.
      We are located in Columbia,SC,USA.

      We get our products from England, China and the US.

      Thank you,

    1. Hello,

      It take us between 1 and 2 business days to process your order.
      After that it depends on the shipping service we use, I would say 3 to 5 days.

      Thank you,

  3. Dear William Tell Archery Supplies,

    Can you give me the cost for a replacing the “RISER” for my 130 lbs WT-MAD-DOG III. I also need the adjustment thumb screw for adjusting the sight in the back for height. Please advise cost, availability and delivery.
    Order #1426 was placed on December 6, 2016 and is currently Completed.

    I just ordered a replacement cable assembly. SKU: MADDOGIIIWTA.
    order #5203, and it is now being processed:

    II truly love my Mad Dog III and wanting it in perfect working order. Please help.

    Yours truly,

      1. Dear Carlos,

        I truly appreciate your quick service and generosity. I love both my William Tell Mad Dog & Stalker crossbows As I stated, you are clearly not an automaton and I greatly appreciate all your help in getting the parts I needed.

        William Tell Archery, a great company with great products and excellent customer service.

        Yours truly,

  4. Hello Carlos,

    I just wanted to check the quantity of the “40 X 5.5 inch arrow 3 wings and 2.5 metal point for 50 lbs to 150 lbs crossbows” If says “Pack: 20 units”.

    So I’m a bit confused. Is this for 40 pcs ( 2 bags of 20) or just 20 pcs flat? The “40×5.5 inches arrows” confuses me.

    Can you please confirm the quantity of this product for me? 20 pcs or 40?

    Yours truly,

  5. I’ve purchased 2 which I’ve made some adjustments, adaptations on,which I can’t send pics but would like to share if you like,upgrades no offense may give you ideas, I love it already took a deer and hog, I took off front sight,mounted picanny rail on right side front to attach flashlight, mounted a folding grip underneath the rail on bottom,had to install thread 1 inch picanny rail on top to fit scope made for crossbow, surefire which mounted laser sight on right side of glass,the safety plastic I removed,pin to control I took round piece of steel drilled middle pushed on and tack welded so now all I have to is roll back and forth very smoothly, the firing control group,drilled out pressed in rivets ,it was wobbly,replaced with screw and bolts which made crisper trigger pull ,drilled and attached sling guide in rear,firing controls I removed polished with 2000 to get rid of burs and spurs,wrapped grip with one layer of paracord then put rubber grip on top for m4,the extendable but stock I also wrapped in paracord 2 times so the wire frame is actually comfortable, my question is the first one I purchased one limb came loose I didn’t notice kept firing and it cracked so I bought another which I removed bolts,sanded locktite those in so won’t happen again, would you sell me a limb for?only one because that gives me a backup set,I was trained 2 is 1 one is none so if you would I will appreciate it very much,thank you,Cliff

  6. I’ve seen and even talked to a supplier of yours about the reverse draw mini striker crossbow. He told me you would have some in January. I want one badly . Can you please inform me when you will have them in stock. I bought a mini striker from you and just love it. Please let me know when you get the reverse draw mini striker . I’ve got to have one

  7. Hi I’m just wanting to know if you ship to the UK
    I’m looking to buy a WT SCOUT FOLDING CROSSBOW .
    not having much luck trying to get one in the UK
    am yes I’m over the age of 18 I’m 53.
    Kind regards

  8. I purchased a mini striker crossbow and love it, however I noticed other manufacturers sell the same crossbow with a stock. Can you guys source the stock for this crossbow?

    1. Yes, that is an American military base right?
      We don’t but I can send you a free pack of hunting bolts or practice bolts, whichever you like.

      Thank you,

  9. I ordered the mini striker and 5 extra carbon arrows and it was supposed to come with 3 carbon and 3 aluminum arrows but the three aluminum arrows aren’t in the package. Did they by chance get mailed separately?

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Can I please have your order number and also , which platform did you use to purchase it? (Ebay, Amazon, website)

  10. I need mini striker 320 replacement strings. Mine broke, haven’t had it long. Will strings be back in stocks soon or could you point me in the right direction to find some? Love the product btw.

  11. I ordered the mini sticker through Amazon. It was missing the hunting broadhead I also ordered a 10 pack of the practice arrows the ones that I received are at least an inch and a half longer than the ones that came with the striker they stick off the end by about an inch

    1. Hello,

      The package you purchased doesn’t include a hunting arrow but if you show us that it is listed we will send you one.

      In regards to the arrows, not sure why is that.

      They all come from the crossbow manufacturer and both perform really well.

      Thank you,


  12. I recently purchased the wt- 4 crossbow from amazon but the laser does not work have sent you an email about this i was told to replace the battery removing the battery which has nothing to say what kind it is i have not been able to find one for it can please send me a suitable replacement an in the future tell me what i can use as a substitute

  13. Eddie Stuettgen

    I would like to purchase the mini striker from you and not Amazon. Is there anyway I can order over the phone I need accessories also

    1. Hello,

      yes it would be better if you purchase from us since we can offer better prices than we can on Amazon.
      Unfortunately we are not set up to sell over the phone since we work only with Paypal.

      Would you mind telling me what you would like to purchase so I can send you the links to buy?

      Thank you,

  14. Hello my name is Jason I love that the mini striker crossbow but it seems to be jammed a I can cock it and Hancock it but it will not fire anymore. It fired in the beginning a few shots and now I can’t get it to get any tension on the trigger at all. Like I said it’s just Cox and then I unlock it but it will not shoot even with the safety pin in. Please any help her be very grateful I love the products I want to get more into it but musketeers

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for writing us.

      JUst to see if I understand, the latch is catching but when you squeeze it is not releasing, correct?

  15. Any idea when the mini striker rd will be in stock? And is there a fishing bolt that will work on that model?

  16. I just received my piranha fishing crossbow how do I go about connecting the fishing line to the arrows you provided

    1. Hello,

      The pack with the broadhead for the 12″ arrow should have a swivel that you can attach between the arrow and the broadhead as you can see on the website pictures.

      The smaller arrows have a wire on the back , you can use the wire or remove it and use the hole the wire leaves.

      Thank you,

  17. I just bought a mini striker 320fps I put it together cocked it and put an arrow in to discover the trigger mechanism is broken and has no spring tension. The crossbow pistol is in the cocked position and I don’t and I don’t know how to uncock it

    1. Hello,

      Can you please grab the safety and pull it as far as you can, then push it in and try to shoot again?

      please let me know.

  18. Taillant Olivier

    Je vis en France et je souhaiterais acheter une arbalète Goliath.
    Pouvez vous me donner le montant des frais de port ainsi que le prix des taxes douanières s’il y en a?
    Bonne journée

    1. Bonjour,

      Les frais d’expédition seront de 79,99 USD.

      Malheureusement, nous ne savons pas combien vous facturera la douane française.


  19. Juan Rey Gonzalez

    Hello this is Juan I have a question about a product that I saw on Amazon called Autoloader Magazine for 120 lb Compound Pistol Crossbow for your mini striker pistol crossbow. My main question is there anyway possible to make this accurate say attaching a Magnetic Bore Sight Laser at the end of the barrel just under the bolt that’s ready to be fired?

    -Thank You!

    1. Hello,
      Not sure , first time seeing this.
      We are working on our own, you would be able to add a sight on top of it.

      Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Any crossbow that is not a pistol.
      That will exclude the Mantis and Mongoose.

      If you would like to purchase a Striker, please email us before you purchase.

      Thank you,

  20. hi i ordered a mini striker reverse draw and i was hoping you ship to Ma. because some people dont even though it legal

  21. Still trying to figure out how to send pics of my mini striker ad on’s to share with you and all the other fellow enthusiasts of this fun little cross bow and for those who don’t know or haven’t seen the YouTube channel water swatter has done a lot with theses little cross bows

  22. Hello, I already have a mini striker crossbow. I would really like to order just a fishing kit. Can this be done? What would the price be? Thank much

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