80lbs WT-MONGOOSE pistol crossbow ,recurve , steel cable, nylon body.


Durable pistol crossbow made out of durable nylon, and  more durable steel string.
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80 lbs Moonguse Recurve Pistol  Crossbow 

William Tell Archery

Concept Crossbows



We sell spare parts for all our products at a very reasonable price, unlike other brands who require you to send your item back to them so they can charge you for service,S&H and other charges.

Unlike other pistol crossbows in the market with a plastic frame and rope string , this pistol is made out of durable nylon, and a more durable steel string.


– Nylon frame (similar crossbows have less resistant plastic frames)
– Steel cable (more durable than the more common nylon strings)
– Can use steel cables or common nylon strings)
– Double dial sights
– Brass safety dial


Weight 850 gms
active range:144 ft
Tension test straight draw: 80 lbs
FPS: 190
Size:10 X 17 X 5 inches
Body : Nylon
String : Steel

What is in the package:

1 x Meerkat pistol crossbow
5 X Aluminum bolts
12 X Plastic bolts
3 x replacement pads
1 x replacement stirr up band
1 x replacement limb tips (2X)



                                                                                                                                    BRASS SAFETY LOCK

                                                                                                                   DOUBLE DIAL MECHANICAL SIGHT


                                                                                                                                    STEEL CABLE